Children & Family

We renew our faith and faith of all people through study, devotion, encouraging spiritual practices and lifting up spiritual gifts. We are a church who is active in faith formation – include formation of our young folk – equipping all who enter our space for a life-long journey of faith.


Frolic provides faith formation for our children under three and their parents. Volunteers teach a parent and child faith class in the fall and spring and we send a monthly e-newsletter to parents with faith ideas for their little ones. By connecting Christian faith with developmental milestones, Frolic helps lay a foundation for faith that lasts a lifetime.

Sunday School

Classes meet between services at 10:00 a.m. from early September through Mid-May.

Children who are PreKindergarten threes through second grade participate in Montessori style learning to encourage prayerfulness, discovery, and wonder. As they hear stories of faith from the Bible, we want to give them the tools to ask big questions.

Our third through eighth graders use curriculum that grow with them as they progress in their understanding of our faith stories and how those stories apply to their daily lives.

Each summer, LMC offers a one-week Vacation Bible School for four-year-olds through kids entering fifth grade.  Although the theme changes yearly, you can always expect prayer and learning mixed with a lot of fun and games.

Specific information about our 2017-2018 Youth and Family Programs is available in our Youth and Family Book!



LMC Faith and Family week is an intergenerational event for all age where we eat together, worship together, sing together, pray together, create together and play together as we celebrate God’s Creation and tell water stories from the Bible.

Studies show that the highest predictor of a child engaging in a thoughtful faith journey throughout their life isn’t big church events, service projects, or even camp, but time as a family talking and growing in faith together. Community and congregation are just next to that. So let's get those three things happening at the same time for a week this summer. 

Each evening begins with a meal at 6:00 p.m. followed at 6:45 p.m. by worship with music, a skit, and at table conversations around a common project and continues with a specific themed activity including:

  • Monday: We tend God's creation with a gardening project as Bethany Simmons, ecology educator, teaches us to make seed “bombs” out of native plant seeds with an activity created by Master Gardener Laura Baker.
  • Tuesday: Like Miriam, we find God in our stories as Omar Mixco will help us tell our own faith stories with rhythm, poetry, and music.
  • Wednesday: We remember that Jesus was baptized and how baptism forms us as Jesse Thomas and Jensea Chromy teach us to make rain drop ornaments out of homemade clay for a collective art installation in the sanctuary.
  • Thursday: We live as church both inside and outside of our doors when we meet in Lincoln Square for T-Shirt Day. This day has no meal and no plans except to meet-up in Lincoln Square and be church in our community.
  • Friday: We play together, recognizing that not everything is serious when Christopher Haite and Michael Haite will lead us in our annual Kickball Game over on Waters School field. 

If you have any questions or are wondering how you can join in the fun as a volunteer, please speak with Deaconess Claire or Angel Heinz. If you’re wondering how your middle schooler can serve as a helper, please see Deaconess Claire.

The fine print: Please RSVP for each day that you plan to attend. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Adults are encouraged to attend with or without kids.